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Frequently Asked Questions is a hosted Invitation to bid tool that works with the Barry Hund Administrators online plan service. The tools allows you as a Builder's Exchange / Planroom to offer invitation to bid tools to your members. allows your members to send out invitations to bid to your projects on your exchange. Contractors can invite both Members and non-members to your projects. allows users to send out invitations to bid to your projects while you manage the project documents for them. The invitations link to your projects on your exchange. This directs all traffic to the exchange rather than to a third party solution or dropbox type solution. was created to allow Builder's Exchanges/ Planrooms to meet the needs of the members of our organization. We saw General Contractors were needing tools to invite subcontractors/suppliers to bid on their projects. We felt we were in a position to connect the General Contractors with the Subcontractors/Suppliers in furthering our mission of encouraging competitive bidding in the market.
  1. 1. Contractors send the project to the Exchange
  2. 2. The Exchange sets the project up in the project database
  3. 3. The Contractor Invites Subcontractors and Suppliers to their project via tools.
  4. 4. The invited companies recieve their invites and visit your project on your exchange.
  5. 5. The Contractor can invite a mix of your members as well as companies from their private contacts database they manage.
  6. 6. The Contractor can manage their invites and make sure they have adequete bid coverage. was designed as part of a larger vision of keeping the Exchange as a hub for stakeholders in the construction industry. Historically Exchanges have a done a great job of serving our members through advertising projects directly to our members. Creating planrooms and virtual planrooms for our members to visit to access bidding projects.

We see a need through software solutions to continue to support the construction industry. Tools like and are extensions of the traditional planroom. These tools allow us to not only serve the members through advertising bidding projects but serving the growing needs of the construction industry in the digital age. is a plan holder, electronic document delivery tool that allows plan-issuers (Architects, Engineers, Municipalities, ETC.) to manage their bidding projects while at the same time posting their projects in the Builders Exchange and managing all aspects of the bid process. visit to learn more.